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Jenna Page :)

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I am a born & bred farm girl, mum and wife :).

A hyperactive foodie! I love running, challenges & new adventures. I adore spending time with the people I love, family, friends and my ever growing troop of pets!

I am hard working, determined, a bit of a control freak. I like to be in control of everything!

Oh and I laugh… all the time!


After 5 years of hopping around South Africa , I returned to the Midlands. Little did I realise how this place had crept into my heart .......Finally I have found my home.


I live on our beautiful family farm in the Dargle with my gorgeous husband and daughter. From here I run my own Online Marketing company, Brand Twist Marketing Solutions, for businesses in and around the Midlands.

The aim of "I Love the Midlands" is to show others all the things that crept into my heart and made me fall in love with the place I now call home. This is a fun and interactive site and space for local business and people to share their products, ideas and events.


More then that – I love to share in the adventures, discoveries & explorations of the 3 musketeers along the way…

So here we go :)

Services__Brand Twist__


 Brand Twist offers business assistance with Online Marketing. Each business is unique – which means there is no stock standard approach. At Brand Twist, I pride myself on getting to know the business, its purpose and its direction. From this dynamic, exciting and result orientated marketing campaigns are created to help businesses promote their products and services in a new and productive way.


 1. Websites
Together with a Local Web Designer, Brand Twist is able to build websites for all business types. Websites are carefully designed and built, with the customers' expectations and requirements in mind. All websites built are provided with ongoing support and monthly hosting.

2. Social Media
Brand Twist will assist in the development of Social Media channels that are right for the business. Social Media sites are then managed and used to generate interest, followings and promotion of products and services.
3. Newsletters
Various newsletter options are available in varying intervals and length. These are designed by Brand Twist in a layout specific to the company. Newsletters are written and sent out to a database which too will be managed and developed by Brand Twist.
4. Competitions
Brand Twist is able to run Social Media or Website competitions to increase engagement and online visibility. The performance, engagement and reach can all be measured to gauge the success of the campaign and will be created and executed by Brand Twist.
5. Events
Should a company be involved in or be hosting an event or function, coverage into the event will be provided. Everything from pre-advertisement, live social media feeds and, blog write ups. Networking during the event or post event feedback – can all be done by Brand Twist.
6. Advertising with I Love the Midlands
I Love the Midlands offers advertising opportunities for many companies in the Midlands – whether it be a blog write up, social media posts or advertising via our website. Various options are available.
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Contact Jenna here to make an appointment and see what Brand Twist can do for your company.

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Phone: +27 (0)72 251 3513
EmaiI: jenna@ilovethemidlands.co.za

Address Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa