Feeling, Knowing and Going with it :)

 It has been more then a week since my Kahuna 7 (in fact I am going for number 8 today :) HORRAY!). Yes I am a human being and sometimes life gets away with me - luckily "life getting away with you" isn't always a bad thing!
I have had a week for buzzing around meeting with clients, new & old and have taken time to remind myself
1. You are SO lucky to do something you love :) 
2. When life sends you buzzing, buzz with it!
I have a tendancy to let myself get stressed out or even overwhelmed when times get busy and have to remind myself to just breath and go with it :). #letitgo 
When I first began my Kahuna Journey with Colleen, I don't think I shut up for the entire first massage, now shes lucky if I can even get a word in :)! My mind was full of questions to start with - what is this all about, what will it do, what should I feel, how will it change me... 
Now I just shut up, relax, breathe and take it all in. There is no right or wrong when it comes to what you take out of a massage with Colleen. You could have a limp and leave without one or you could be stressed out and in need of a tension release. Colleen is a healer and will look at a person with insight, intuition, feeling and obervation and know exactly what you need. She will give you what you need, and your body will take it... if your brain manages to figure it out or not is another story completley!   
I lie there, switch off and take what I need.... and then lucky you I tik... tik.... tik all about it :)! Last week felt "high energy" to me, much deeper and more intense then before - I felt energized afterwards!
Maybe thats what I needed and so that's what I took - clever bodies and a clever healer!
Off I go for number 8 and then its buzzing once again!
On a side note NUMBER 8 already! Time goes SO fast, stop and take a moment - now just appreciate that moments even exist!  

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