Expect the Unexpected

Our minds and bodies are AMAZING!
Do this exercise - take just 5 minutes to think about blinking, breathing and each movement your body makes, nothing else, just think about that. Our mind and body does all these things on its own, subconsciously, all day, every day.
When you stop to think about it, you begin to think more about everything that is going on in there - our hearts beat and work to keep our muscles alive, our brain sends messages all over our body, over and over again - driving our senses, feelings & actions. 
In the same way that our bodies have learnt to do this, our bodies also have a subconscious memory, they remember. Smells may trigger memories, a bath can become the place your body knows you relax and an embracing hug from the person you love most becomes the safest, happiest place you know.  
Kahuna number 6 was different. Slow & gentle strokes paired with hot stones to relax the muscles. The music changed, the oils changed. As Colleens hands moved off the ends of my finger tips and toes, it felt as though my whole body wanted to follow with her..... 
My mind and body was reminded that it doesn't always know whats coming, and sometimes we just need to give in and accept, rather than anticipate. Number 6 was different, slower, calmer, quieter. I wanted to fall asleep, I didn't think, I just lay there and let my body take it all in - something new, something different, something unexpected.... 
Life is similar, we plan, we plan and we plan! Sometimes these plans need to change, new things come along, new opportunities emerge and we change the course of our lives more often then we know. Teaching our bodies to remember is good, but teaching them to let go, allows us to go where is best, take the leap and stop dragging our heals.
Go with it, let go and enjoy the adventure :).
P.S - Still planning that Holiday to Hawaii someday.... 

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