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Love :)

A year ago today my life changed forever when Chris asked me to be his wife :). In the midst of a very tough time in my life, it was one of the happiest days :)! I knew from the first time I met Chris that he was my person & knowing that I will have him by my side  forever is something I still cant quite wrap my head around #luckyme! 
2015 has folllowed with so many exciting new adventures - the year kicked off with the start of my own business Brand Twist Marketing Soultions as well as the start of I Love the Midlands, on the 2nd of May we celebrated our wedding day, followed by a delicious overseas trip to Thailand :) & the year has continued to unravel new adventures, surprises & challenges. Unity creates strength - having someone with you to share joy, love, happiness, excitement, sadness - EVERYTHING :).
Chris and I recently went to Colleen for a couples massage session (it was about time he went for some love and pampering too). It was amazing for me to be on the other side of the treatment & see Colleen at work - she is SO inspiring! We took time to ground ourselves and then proceeded -  through Colleens insturction to do a full back of body massage. I am amazed by how much emotion and energy is was transferred from Chris to me - and found myself feeling a bit uptight & tired - Colleen reminded me to breath, relax and let it all go. It took some time for me to get into it, becoming something you feel rather then something you think about. 
Working throug the body we massaged feet, legs, back, arms, shouldeers & the neck - watching body language, breathing and conncting on a quieter level. It is amazing to massage someone you love, watching their bodies relax and heal. It left me feeling if awe of what Colleen does everyday - giving people love, relaxation & healing. 
This is the way to do a couples massage, as it ignites deeper intimacy, connection and offers love from one to anther :) - treat your husband girls - you will take so much from the experience too :). 
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