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Live, Love, Laugh

This is a brave one - religion & politics are to be avoided - but here I go :) #thisisme
Spirituality, religion, science, the environment, mother nature, nothing...
Everyone believes in something different, no one person is the same, and we cannot expect any two people to share exact thoughts, feelings or beliefs.
For me, it's about FAITH - trusting in the things that make you a better person whatever that may be for
YOU. Faith creates a more whole, grounded & real version of yourself. I admire people with faith - trusting in something bigger then yourself to take control and guide you, heal and help you.
For some faith can be something as simple as knowing how a run in the trees, fresh air & space can clear the mind, relax the body & bring you back down to earth. For others it may be a commitment to a higher God or power, being part of a church or community sharing in the same beliefs. For others its more factual, molecules, atoms - where we have come from, how we have grown and where we can still go... all these faiths offer their believers purpose.
To me the most wonderful thing about all this faith is that there are so many people out there who believe in something different to me. I'm a "get out there in the wild and breath" kind of person - I'm not sure what the name is for that :) #thejenna. There are so many people with beautiful beliefs and faiths who are ready to share it. Sharing faith is not about converting someone the think, be and do as you do - its about sharing what you may gain from your faith with others, allowing them to take it and use it as they will. Offering a blessing, sharing your love & happiness <3. 
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Colleen at Midlands House of Healing has gotten to know me over the years - the first time I went to visit her I went for a massage - just that - you go to the spa, get a massage, muscles are relaxed, you leave. I could tell that there was more going on there, but felt relaxed & good so#happycustomer
Over time I have come to think of Midlands House of Healing as a place that goes beyond massage, its about healing - the mind, the body, the spirit and the soul. Wheather or not this is something you believe in or even understand, Colleen has created a space where she uses her faith and her love to heal and help others. Wheather you understand where it comes from or not, weather you visit thinking in the back of your mind "who is this person and what is she doing to me",  the moment you lie on the bed, you have accepted the healing... and the rest just comes. You will take what your body is willing to accept and walk out feeling relaxed, grounded, healed, full of love, oily & happy :).  
During my Kahuna Massage journey, I have become a softer person, allowing for bad days, allowing for good days - letting myself take time to live, laugh and love - because at the end of the day, that is what we all live for :). 
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Thank you Colleen for sharing your faith with me... now time for a run ;)!
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