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The Balancing Act :)

Week 4 was simple - balancing. We concentrated on balancing the male and female within, emotions and hormones. Creating symmetry within the body. 
Balance is so important and is something that is so hard to get right. Life is full of conflicts - things we want to do, things we need to do, things we don't really want to do but have to!

Its taken me a while to work it out a general "daily life" balance - early mornings seem to make sense when you married to a dairy farmer, so I use this time when I need it for work and chores. Later mornings are all about brushing hair, teeth, breakfast and school runs. Then work, exercise and cleaning the house. Afternoons I like to spend time with Roo & our pets, we play, go for walks and spend time on the farm. Evenings are for Chris and I and then early to bed. It works <3!
Balance within is as important, hormones, emotions, feelings all get piled in and generally in the business of all of the above, we set them aside without realizing how they build up and effect us. Next time you having a bad day, just stop and thing about whats going on within, you'll be surprised how it creeps up to get you! 
Cry when you need to cry, laugh when things are funny, take your shoes off and just walk around the garden. Breath in and out, take some time for yourself and let yourself think, process, feel... then let things go. Find a place that makes you happy, and allow yourself to feel what you are feeling - on bad days I love to run in the trees, there is something about a forest, space and exercise - it just helps me to calm down, process and getting endorphin's in is always a positive for me!
Give yourself time, forgive yourself for the bad days... it makes for one happier person. 
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