Gloopy Moosh :)

I wait until the very last possible minute to buy things, and when its things for me... I am even worse! I wait until I look like a bit of an "Orphan Annie", as my mum calls me, before I decide I need to get some new clothes. I cut the end of my face cream tube to get a few extra days out of it and you have never seen a butter dish as clean as mine when I'm done with the stuff :)!
This means that usually by the time I decide I NEED to visit Colleen - I've left it a bit late and end up getting there looking a little like I arrived backwards and via the bush ;)! Luckily she has come to know me and reminds me every two weeks or so to go visit - phew!
My 10 week Kahuna massage journey has been different because I get to go every week, and I arrive smiling and generally feeling quite together still! 
 IMG 20150924 073452
Misty, rainy and cold, it was one of those days I would have happily sat in my bed in my dressing gown and worked from there - the benefits of working from home ;)! This day I managed to scrape myself out of my warm bed, when it is for a massage - there is good motivation! 
Week 3 concentrated on joints, relaxation & letting the love in even more. I don't like the cold and tend to walk around with my shoulders around my ears (this is characteristically how I walk around in winter)! Week 3 is about accepting things, letting them go and embracing what may come our way (at least its spring and I can work on that cold thing next year - giggle!). Its hard to take life with a pinch of salt, especially for someone like me! I tend to worry and I'm quite intense so letting things go is a BIG learning curve for me! I feel like (hope) I'm getting there (we'll ask Chris after week 10, that's the most honest answer we'll get)! 
IMG 20150924 073544
I was so relaxed and in such a good place when I got to Colleen, I checked it was the right day about 10 times on my way there! It was one of the BEST massages I have ever had, when you start with relaxed, you end up with gloopy moosh at the end of it all - I could hardly string sentences together, the cold was gone and there was defiantly enough love to go around for another week! 
IMG 20150924 073632
Contact Colleen at Midlands House of Healing to start your 10 week Healing Kahuna Journey on
084 603 0604

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