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Kahuna Massage #2

Firstly... having a massage every week has to be the BIGGEST treat/indulgence I have ever had! Its hard to take (guilt free) time out of our busy everyday lives to just let go, relax and breathe... 
There's cleaning, that endless pile of laundry, the lawn has begun to grow again, making special time for our children, walking the dogs, breakfast... lunch.... dinner... work, the piles of dog turd slowly closing in around the front veranda, grocery shopping, work, work, clean, clean... Wow, just read that - I deserve one massage a week for and hour :)... instead of being a guilty pleasure, I use this time to relax, refocus, let the bad out and the good in - re-power for the week to come.
If Kahuna is an insight into Hawaai and their ways of life and culture - I am planning my next holiday because this is the type of space i want to be in! 
We store our emotions of anger, fear, anxiety and stress in our bodies, Kahuna massage releases the old and creates a new path of love, harmony, peace and tranquility. Allowing our bodies to heal from within leaving us feeling loved, nurtured and whole.
One thing I cherish is sleep and I must say we have been blessed with our sleepy child, who generally speaking goes to bed at 7pm and that's her until 6.30am. Last week (along with that lawn growing I spoke about) the bees returned to the garden and poor Roo got a bee sting in between her little toes. She had been stung a few times before and generally has no reaction but not this time. This meant long nights of itchy feet, endless applications of any cream/ointment that may work and ice packs on and off the poor little foot all night.
Awful right??
Not this time - I felt calm and patient, compassionate and caring rather then annoyed that this was the 11th time I was going to get out of bed to try and ease the itching, swolen foot - it was nice to feel this way. It took me a day or two to realize how differently id reacted and i felt really proud of myself for being such a nice person :) #gloat 
Allowing our bodies to let go and get rid of some of the things that get us uptight may be one of the best gifts (spoils) we can give ourselves. This is a time and journey I want to use to help build an awareness of my reactions and responses - let the love in and the anger, impatience, irritation, stress and anxiety out.. breath, be calm and only love will follow <3 :)
Until next week.... :)
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