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Dargle Trails Festival 2015 

The Marriot Dargle Trails Festival is an event which has taken place over the past couple of years in our playground :). Last year, very unfit and with a bit of an Ego, I entered the 12km trail run (having done a total of 12km of training the week before ;) ). Given that that was super, this year with A LOT more training - I decided to go for the 21km trail route.



The trail runs get going with an early start (6.30am registration and 7.00am start) - which was all on time too :). We were lucky to have a slightly overcast morning, which ironically means a warmer start to the day in the Midlands, getting ready to go - layers were shed and we were off. 

20150816 065408

The race has a lovely profile, starting with some good climbs through local farms, plantations and lovely, natural veld. Being the "Norman No Mates" who generally ends up in the middle of the pack somewhere all by myself - I take the time to enjoy the quietness, fresh air and my surroundings :)...

20150816 073608  20150816 074237

All of the climbing is worth it when it eventually unfolds into magnificent views from the top, a well stocked water table was available with ice cold water and Powerade and the cutest little human being handing out marshmallows at the top :) <3. 

IMG 20150816 100413

Once we got to the top the route flattens out a bit and there is time to enjoy the stunning views, from here we finally enjoyed a bit of downhill :) - my favorite section was through some lovely natural forest -  and lastly we came down through the plantations bringing us back home. 

IMG 20150816 100247

Pefectly chilled chocolate milk treats at the finish line and a plenty of friends and locals to welcome you home :).

The day offered so many lovely activities for the kids, including a 6km bike race for the older lot, as well as a  3km bike race, walk, run, dog race.... you name it - you could take part :)!

IMG 20150816 100314

Last but not least - they had the BEST lucky draw prizes - after all the prize givings - needless to say I will be paying Tillietudlem a 2 night visit sometime soon :) #spoilt #icanplank 

Now time to find the next challenge.... 

Jen xx

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