De-stressing, Healing, Relaxing

 Visiting Colleen at Midlands House of Healing had become a regular routine for me (I go about every 14 days), and just LOVE it :)...
Not only is it always the most incredible healing and rejuvinating experience, but I am also constantly learning more about myslef and my body. Once I visited around the time of the blue moon and a certain section in my foot was sore - linking to my gaul bladder. Colleen giggled and asked who I'd been so angry with :) - poor Chris! Being a Leo (a fire sign) & with the second full moon of the month - I had been firing on all cylenders the days leading up to my visit - and all that needed to go :)! 
IMG 20150803 WA0002
An intense reiki session was the order of the day. Reiki helps to heal us on several levels rather then just physically. Reiki offers mental, physical, emotional and intellectual healing helping to bring me back down to earth :) - #removetheholligan - destressing, healing, relaxing, grounding & balancing me once more. The end result for me is something like floating outside of my body, it is so relaxing and I always feel light and airy afterwards - ready for whatever may come :)!
An intense Reiki session gives the body energy with remains there for up to 21 days, filtering through all our chakras to keep us Happy, Calm and Balanced :) <3
IMG 20150803 WA0004 copy
14 sleeps until my next visit ... the countdown begins!

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