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The 14 Midlands Valentines Day Musts

5 & 6. Ride a Bike or go for a Run


We live in Mountain Bike country, and it is some of the most fun you will have outdoors, if the 2 wheeled animal is not your thing and you trust your own two feet more, the local Park Run is an option too.

Howick Mountain Bike Club is home of kilometers and kilometers of single track and forest routes that will have you coming back for more. If you anything like me you will come back a little muddy, with a ridiculous grin and possibly a graze or two. Whenever I brave the two wheeled animal, often with my much more capable bike riding mum or dad, by the time I’m done I have such sore cheeks (not the ones on my rear end) from the  constant grin I cannot wipe off my face  :).

Pop into Crusty Corner in Howick, fill in an indemnity, pay your day fee, and ask how to get to “Mr Nice Mans”, its all fun fun fun from there :)!

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If running is more your thing, why not give The Piggly Wiggly Park Run a go. Click the here to go online and register, it is completely free <3.

The Park Run starts at Piggly Wiggly every Saturday at 08h00, in the process you may even discover there is a Park Run in your home area! This 5km route is done by moms, dads, kids and pets and is a lovely run/walk route meant for fun. Each week you can challenge your own personal best and if you are as lucky as me – you will even find a running partner in the process!

… oh and did I mention you get a R25 hot breakfast and cappuccino at the end (motivation enough.. I think so)!

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Get your Endorphin’s flowing and earn all those yummy Valentines Day chocolates you are going to munch <3…

For more info please feel free to email me: jennanadrew1@gmail.com

Happy Exercising x

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