The 14 Valentines Day Midlands Musts.

3. Climb a Mountain


The Dargle Valley is tucked under the shadow of the Inhlosane Mountain, we have threatened many times to climb up and finally the box has been ticked <3.

Parking is available at Everglades hotel, where you meet at the reception to pay your R10 fee per person and sign an indemnity and then its up, up and away!

We bumbled through the forests at the bottom of the hill – “hi-ho, hi-ho, up the mountain we go” was the song of the day. Clever dad packed Smarties and popcorn as motivation to get to the top, on a side note I really enjoyed my box of Smarties at the top!

After the forest, we popped out into grasslands, there are stunning Proteas, wild flowers and grasses along the way – and lots of rocks to rest on for tired legs.

m2 m3

The hike up to the top gets a little steeper as you get closer to the top, it is well marked from here and very manageable… and the view from the top defiantly made the walk worth it.

A lovely, romantic box of smarties, an orange grasshopper and lots of popcorn later, we headed back down :) – morning well spent!

 m4 m5 m6 m7

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