The 14 Valentines Day Midlands Musts.

Over the next 14 days, I am going to share the 14 MUSTS for couples this Valentines day, these are some of my favorite places, shops, restaurants and activities that need to be experienced in the Midlands!

1. The Potato Shed, Dargle


This little Solar Powered, Self-Catering, Shed conversion was designed, created and decorated by Brett and Karen Andrew (whom I have to add celebrated their 29th Wedding Anniversary yesterday <3 – how appropriate!)

To check it out in detail, click here… I am far more into all the little bits and bobs that I just ADORE!

When you walk into the living space (open plan kitchen, lounge and dining room), there is light coming from all angles through the large windows and doors. The house virtually hands you a glass of red wine as you breathe in that stunning fresh farm air (bliss)! The colours in this area are a rainbow of shwe – shwe, reds, greens and yellows – it is all so vibrant and refreshing! This living space, just begs for good friends, food and wine!

ps2 ps3 ps4   ps5

The view of the little forest and dam give the cottage a lovely quaint feeling, and also let you really get away from all that urban hustle bustle (oh my and there are the most adorable whistling ducks that keep flying past)

The 3 bedrooms are all very unique, yet all calming and unwinding. Neutral and natural colors flow through this space, paired with unique and individual furniture pieces, collected, re-loved or homemade.. they all come together beautifully and each have a lovely story attached :). I could not resist just flopping over onto the crisp white linen and pillow-top beds and then just staying there while I was gobbled up by the lovely soft duvet and pillow.

 ps6  20150127_110109  ps8 ps9

Each bathroom has lovely features, the main bedroom is en-suite, with a shower to die for and a loo with an uncompromised view which most places could not rival! The second bathroom has a lovely 4 legged bath that was made for a princess, it screams for bubbles and bubbly and a lovely long soak.

Every little detail in this house feels special, with handmade door fittings, curtain rails and furniture, beds and pillows that belong in a palace and everything you could need… it’s a holiday just waiting to happen!

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