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Back in Action

Life has been a maze of New Adventures, Self-Employment, Wedding Plans, Gorgeous Children, Life, Love and Exercise...
Today I found this picture and realized its time to share some memories again...


I recently took part in the most incredible trail run – I like to get my takkies on regularly but I seldom compete in races, this year I decided I would pick 3 or 4 during the year, that are in beautiful places and that would be challenging and a great adventure…

#Race 1, Drakensberg Northern Trail, 20kms 

We arrived on Friday around 4pm at the Windmills (affectionately known as the Caterpillar and Catfish) along the Oliviershoek Pass, views were gorgeous, the sun was out and we were WARM :).. little did we know what was coming


After registration, I was ready for food and bed!

The next morning I woke up to cold, drizzly weather (my worst nightmare, although I am from the Midlands I am quite comfortable with a 30 Degree day). Up the hill we went to get ready to go… coffee, coffee, coffee and layers, layers, layers! My daughter tied lucky laces and by 7h45, it was 10 degrees, misty, drizzly and we were ready to take on the 20kms…


Time to run… the route was made up of a Jeep Track, Cattle Paths, Open Grass Lands & some lovely hiking paths up to the top of the mountain (I still wish I could have seen the view – my only disappointment).

Yellow Day-Glow markers kept us on track, sometimes hard to see in the mist but if i didn’t get lost… no one did!

action4 action5 action6

The surroundings, trials and fresh air were all beyond beautiful. The Trail was challenging and exciting, no roads or man-made trails, it was pure “get out there and run”! Along the way I was lucky enough to come across Baboons, Reed Buck, a few grazing cattle and of course the wild flowers & stunning grasslands – oh and that little Racefood at the 10km check point – bliss! I would not miss this race and will defiantly be back in 2016 to see the view from the top of the mountain!

Top, Top marks to Andrew and his team on an Excellent Race… bring on 2016 :) –  more info here


but for now… i have deserved the rights to a little carbo-loading and have found my next running adventure… watch this space!!!


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