Getting back on track :)

After a month of food, wine, wedding and honeymoon, my now, somewhat rounder self – has decided its time to get back on track.

Anyone who knows me will know two things

– I am a high energy person…

– Until Winter… then I tend to hibernate & drink red wine for 6 months, until the sun comes back…

SO.. this time I am going to need some help :).

I kick started this journey 2 weeks ago when I went back to my weekly yoga class & really reminded myself of what I have been missing. Exercise and healthier eating have slowly creeped back into my routine and I am defiantly starting to feel the effects as my energy levels begin to increase (even in this cold)

On Monday, I paid a visit to Midlands House of Healing for a little extra relaxation & rejuvenation.


Colleen has recently moved to Satori Farm and what a stunning environment to be in – just the drive up there is enough to begin to relax you. Satori is beautiful, quiet and calm – with Colleens entire house completely off the grid – she really is living in the way and environment in which she believes in.


I enjoyed a back of body detox followed by an inner child, adolescent and adult Reiki healing session. This is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences – as my body absorbed the energy it needed from different crystals – leaving me feeling light & airy (it is always hard to go back to real life for the rest of the day)…

track4 track3 track5

A wonderful morning spent with healing hands, and a outlook on life that leaves one feeling inspired

I will be going back soon :)..

For more info contact Colleen on 084 603 0604


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