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Down and Out

I got sick last week...

This never happens to me – like never! An outline of my weekly highlights included, the most blocked nose in the world, a lovely cough, a husky voice (not the attractive, I sound like Sofia Bush kind) and Rachel (5) constantly asking me if I was sure I wasn’t turning into a boy (my sick voice is that bad)!
I have to admit, let’s hope Chris doesn’t read this one – I will never live this down, that I’m a bit of a man when it comes to being sick, showing signs of typical “Man Flu Syndrome”
  •  I feel sorry for myself,
  • I’m grumpy
  • I’m generally quite pathetic!


So I went for a little TLC & Healing with my Colleen <3 :) – who I’m sure is probably shopping to replace all the essential oils she had to use on me – I began to smell these after about 30 mins into our session.

Although I wasn’t convinced I’d even be able to lie down for this long without coughing up a lung, Colleen with her smile, dived straight into the challenge. I enjoyed a Detox Massage – made up of a combination of Ayurveda (providing relaxation, circulation & elimination of toxins), Hawaiian Deep Tissue (focusing on the deeper, individual fibers in your muscles) , Swedish Hot Stone (warm & fuzzy :) ). This combination aids  to reboot the body & detox it from all the “bluurgh” that’s going on in there.


Oh but she wasn’t done yet :). Reiki next to reignite and re-boost my immune system. Warm, Relaxing, Re-energizing and a lovely time to just let everything go – Reiki in this room is defiantly one of my happiest places. #reikiconvert

I left, after a lovely honey and ginger tea, feeling lighter, less achy and with a functioning nose! It was a matter of hours after that – that my chest completely loosened up – aches & pains gone and that was the end of it – AMAZING :)! #happiness

*Little Tip* for the essential oil lovers – During the massage, a combination of essential oils were used to aid the circulation of phlegm via the lymphatic system – eucalyptus,  tea tree and cinnamon leaf  :) – good combo for at home!

Next visit booked :) – watch this space.

Massage & Reiki by Midlands House of Healing

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